Global Blockchain Solutions for Land Registration

In April, I organized a CoinFest event in Washington, DC with speakers that presented on various topics including Blockchain Solutions for Land Titles. By the end of the event, I wanted to learn more about the creative things people are doing with Blockchain technology particularly in low income countries that are often plagued with corruption … More Global Blockchain Solutions for Land Registration

Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real

A 3 day mega conference complete with startups, world renowned executives, and people from all over the world working on new and better blockchain uses cases convened in New York City from May 2-4. I had the amazing opportunity to attend Consensus through MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative Scholarship. In collaboration with CoinDesk, the DCI selected 50 Consensus Scholars … More Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real

What’s a tanda?

I’m really excited about this particular post because it brings me feelings of nostalgia from home as I relish on its digital potential. As a teenager, I loved the idea of a tanda because it wasn’t limited to age or another qualification that’s usually needed at banks. I find this decentralization trait to be a common … More What’s a tanda?

How I Got Into Bitcoin

My interest in behavior piqued when I was interning at the House of Representatives as a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholar. We had a visit from the Treasurer of the United States, Rosa Rios. She mentioned that Hispanic mortgage applicants were denied loans at twice the rate of non-Hispanic white applicants. This stuck with me … More How I Got Into Bitcoin

Takeaways from Microsoft IPC’s Bitcoin Breakfast

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center on Bitcoin and the potential for banking the unbanked with some awesome people – Brian Forde from MIT’s Media Lab, Brian Hoffman from OpenBazaar, and Jerry Brito from coincenter. While I consider myself a Bitcoin novice, I have quickly noticed the equalizer this digital … More Takeaways from Microsoft IPC’s Bitcoin Breakfast

A blog for people like me

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about money. My thoughts were running deeper than the usual bills, student loans, and food to alcohol ratio, but into my longterm savings, and how other people handle their money. Growing up, I never really learned much about money management. Like many other students with Mexican immigrant parents, … More A blog for people like me